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Indian Weave: There are two kinds of Indian hair that one can get, Indian Remy hair which has been slightly processed to modify the hair texture and Indian virgin hair which has not been processed and comes in a natural form. Indian hair is thick and hair dries straight. Indian Hair comes in very dark colours so be wary of lighter colours of Indian Hair.

Why choose the Hair by Sisi Indian Wave hair?

The Hair by Sisi Indian Wave Hair is a great choice if you are looking for strong, full hair. Although the hair is thick and coarse, it is very easy to straighten. Indian hair is great if you want to do straight, sleek and shiny hairstyles, however, the hair does not hold a curl well. If you are always in a rush and don’t have much time to do your hair in the mornings, then the Hair by Sisi Indian Wave hair is for you.

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