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Our silk closures are all hand made to perfection. Each closure is only a few inches long and wide and is made of a lace or silk which is sewn down to create a very realistic looking hair parting. Sometimes women who have chemically relax, colour or perm their natural hair can experience  brittle, thinning, and shorter hair.  This may make it difficult to blend your “leave out” with your weave. Wearing a closure will help ensure that all your hair is not only being protected but that blending textures and colours will not be a problem.

Why should you wear a Silk closure?

Our Silk base closures unlike lace ones are double layered and are not made of the lace alone. As the name suggests, the closure base is made from silk, which is place onto of the lace. The hairs are hand tied into the lace and the silk, giving you a very natural looking scalp. The hair looks like it could actually be growing out of a scalp because the silk looks very similar to the scalp. When you are wearing a lace closure, if you look closely you can see the grid lines and knots, however with a silk base closure, there are no visible knots.

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