Wax Stick | HBS Wax Stick – Mini

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Wax Stick

Keeps your flyaways and short weave and closure hairs at bay.

The new travel size HBS Blending & Styling Wax Stick is the best wig and weave styling product that fits perfectly in your handbag.
The HBS Blending & Styling Wax Stick works well to lay down the small hairs that stick up on your closure or frontal. The product will not cause damage to your hair extensions, weave or wig hairs.
Say goodbye to flyaways.
Use the HBS Blending & Styling Wax Stick, to blend your own (leave-out) hair with your weave/wig/hair extension.

Do not apply too much pressure when using the wax stick, use gently.
After 4-10 applications, wash out with shampoo.