The “L” Word: choosing your hair LENGTH the right way!

The “L” Word: choosing your hair LENGTH the right way!

Choosing hair length is very think when it comes to hair, says Sisi Nxumalo. “I never really knew what length to cut my hair until I cut it short. Then, I cut it a bit shorter and finally I cut my hair so short, that I knew I had gone too short”. That’s what the founder of Hair by Sisi, had to say when we asked her about choosing the best hair length for wigs or weaves.

If you are mulling over the length of your next weave or wig, here are top tips from Sisi to help you make the right decision.

Tip 1: Wig, wig… nudge nudge.

You never know until it’s on. So, before you chop away or invest in a 22” weave, come to our store and try on a wig from our Hair by Sisi range of wigs. This way, you’ll have a better understanding of what length complements your face shape, style and most importantly, your personality.

Tip 2: Let’s face it! 

When it comes to deciding on the length of your wig or weave, let your face be your guide. Choose a length that will accentuate your facial features, such as your eyes, cheeks, jawline and smile. Be careful not to overdo it as that could make you look less like yourself, and more like you’re using a warped-face filter on Snapchat. If you are still not getting it, then think balance. The length of your hair should “balance” out your features and the shape of your face.

If you have a long face like Jessica Nkosi, we suggest you avoid extremely short or long hair. Having either one will simply elongate your face even more. If you want length, then we suggest you add volume and width to the mix with our Malaysian Beach Bomb. This way, the length will balance the shape of your face.

Choosing hair LENGTH| Hair by Sisi Malaysian Beach Bomb

Hair by Sisi Malaysian Beach Bomb

If you have a short face (round or square) like Minnie Dlamini, the longer the better. However, don’t be afraid to do a pixie cut either as it’s always a safe choice for a face shape like yours.

If you have a square or rectangular face like Khanyi Dhlomo, then go for sweeping waves and curls as opposed to hard, straight lines. Our Indian Wave is your perfect match.

If you have a heart-shaped face like Siba Mtongana, hair length past your chin is the perfect fit for you.

Choosing hair LENGTH| The “L” Word: choosing your hair LENGTH the right way!

Image via Instagram @sibamtongana

Lastly, if you have an oval-shaped face like Bonang Matheba, consider yourself lucky because your face shape is already considered to be “balanced”. So, go wild because any length will work for you.

Tip 3: Hair’s looking at you kid.

You only get one shot to make a great impression. When you walk into a room, one of the first things people notice about you is your hair, and they automatically make connotations based on it. So, we also recommend that you invest in a length that matches your environment and personality, for example, at work or at a party. There is nothing wrong with long or short hair, but one must be cognisant of the fact that hair length sends a specific message, so it is important to make sure your hair is saying what you want it to. Read our previous blog article titled ‘What Your Hair Says About You’.

Tip 4: Wear it with confidence 

Choosing the best hair length that you’ll enjoy and love, contains one last ingredient and that is confidence! So, whatever length you choose to wear your weave or wig, we say wear it with confidence and remember that no length has to be permanent. If you are uncertain, simply visit us and try on one of our wigs and test a different length for your next installation.

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