Warming up to Summer

We are all gathered here today to finally say goodbye to winter but also to difficult hair days.

Ever noticed how winter changes your hair maintainance regime? As if the dry dull weather isn’t bad enough we have to deal with dry, frizzy, limp hair. But no need to dwell on the past, warmer temperature are definitely upon us, so say good bye to extreme hair care and hello to better hair days.

Summer holidays are just a few weeks away and we all know that before we change our hair do, we need at least a week or two to finalize our decision. So, before it’s too late, here are a few ideas on how to welcome summer with the perfect hair do.

Dare to be different?

30” weaves are so over done these days, not to mention the at hot as hell, so instead of looking like every other girl, why not stand out from the rest? A mohawk/undercut will definitely help showcase your individuality. It will definitely have heads turning, so choose wisely. If you are feeling particularly adventurous why not add some color to the tips of the hair.

Try an asymmetrical bob

Summer is the season for new beginnings, but if you’re not feeling a mowhak, then why not go short? A bob will always score points in the hair world, but an asymmetrical bob will add a bit of sass to your everyday bob.

Asymmetrical bob

Short ,sweet and sexy.

It’s amazing what a basic snip and cut can do to your appearance. Sometime woman just get 12″ in hair installed without getting it cut to their face shape. A basic cut will make the hair look even more natural, than simply installing the hair.

Trimmed bob

Something a little more elegant

For the ladies who like to keep it simple,  adding a bit of texture will make the world of a difference. A 12” shoulder length cut will look amazing on anyone who wants to look fresher faced this spring.

Elegant wavy bob

A pop of colour

For our more daring beweavers colour is always the answer. add some colour to your life this spring and you will definitely turn heads. Although it may seem scary but colour can boost your confidence. If you still unsure, star off off with burngurdey, blue/black before working your way up to the more bolder colours.

A touch of color bob wig blue


Happy Weaving XXX