Choose the right comb for your hair

Hello Beweavers

Did you know that it is very important to use the correct brushes and combs on your hair? Using the wrong brush can break or damage your weave and your natural hair. Here are 4 brushes and combs to suit your hair needs.

1.) Wide tooth comb
The wide tooth comb is best for removing large tangles from your weave. It is most effective after washing and conditioning your hair and in the morning after removing your ponytail or the loose braid you wore while sleeping. Hair can be dry or wet
The wide tooth comb allows larger sections of the longer hair to pass through the teeth, it won’t catch small tangles and pull hair from your weave. 

2. The Looper Brush
This is the holy grail of hair brushed for extensions. This brush can get to those hard to reach tangles at the roots of your hair extensions. The looper brush makes it possible to free some of those shed hairs and detangle some of those hair extension strands.
The brush allows for the “looped” bristle to slide through the hair, leaving it unharmed while getting the benefit of brushing at the root. This brush can be used on dry or wet hair.

3. Fine Tooth Comb
A fine tooth comb is a great for removing the shed hairs which fall into the length of your hair extensions and cause little tangles.
But be careful with the comb, because the fine tooth comb is very powerful and can tug at weave and loosen you tracks or cornrows! This comb should only be used on dry hair.

4. The Bristle Brush
The bristle brush will be your finishing brush, your smoothing brush. The finer, closely places bristles of this type of hair brush will remove the smallest of tangles while you dry and style the length of your weave with your hair dryer, flat iron or curling iron.


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