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Welcome to the Hair by Sisi’s YouTube Channel.

Hair Talk with Sisi is a mini web series designed to help you can get to know more about human hair wigs, weaves and extensions. Every week, I will be exploring the wonderful world of hair, and I will be posting new How To, Trend Alert and Know Hair and Tips & Tricks video to help you achieve your dream hairstyle. I hope you enjoy the videos.

Choosing the right hair for winter

Spot Fake Hair

How to make your closure look natural #naturallookingclosure

How to straighten your weave safely

How to blend you leave-out #blendingyourweave

Grow your Hairline

Rough around the edges? #laydemedges

How to tell he difference between high and low quality human hair. My tricks

Hello YouTube, hello world, #HairTalkswithSisi is finally here.

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