Golden Globes 2018

This last weekend, international stars strutted their stuff on the red carpet to celebrate the 2018 Golden Globes. Many celebrities donned all black as they stood together in protest against sexual assault and harassment perpetrated against women in the film and TV industry.  Although thing looked a bit sombre, black did help showcase the hair and makeup on the night. “Hair” are some of few of our best Golden Globes Beauties.


Viola Davis
Hair by Sisi BlowOut Coil hair| weave| wig| Johannesburg
Photo: Frazer Harrison – Gettyimages

Big hair, don’t care. Get this Viola Davis inspired hair with the Hair by Sisi BlowOut Coil wig or weave.

Issa Rae

Photo: Frazer Harrison – Gettyimages

Issa look. Sleek in the front, party at the back. If you want to pull of this do, make sure you use a texture that matches your natural hair (either the Hair by Sisi BlowOut Straight hair or the Brazilian Swirl hair) so that the slicked-back updo will look as real a possible.

Samira Wiley

Photo: Frederick M. Brown – Gettyimages

When the hair gods say yes, no one can say no. If your natural hair is not long enough to convincingly pull off this style, then add some hair extensions and you are halfway there. BUT before you head out to buy some hair, remember one thing; your hair is only as good as the blend. With the correct texture match, anything is possible. Try using a texture that matches your natural hair (either the Hair by Sisi BlowOut Straight hair or the Brazilian Swirl hair).

Zoe Kravitz

Photo: Frazer Harrison – Gettyimages

Sometimes short, sweet and simple is all you need.

Octavia Spencer

Photo: VALERIE MACON – Gettyimages

Classic modern retro curls are always a winner. If you enjoy wearing a leave-out, then achieving this look is simple. The Hair by Sisi  Brazilian Swirl hair blends well with most Africa hair types, and the hair will hold a curl for about 5 days if you don’t wash or weave your weave hair.

Mariah Carey

Photo: Frederick M. Brown – Gettyimages

Blonde is back. Although Mariah Carey has been blonde for as long as we can remember, golden locks are definitely on trend in 2018. If you don’t want to colour your natural hair, try any of the Hair by Sisi human hair weaves or wigs. Our hair is pure virgin human hair, which means the hair has never been coloured or chemically altered, so you can easily achieve the hair to the shade of blonde with suites you.

Kerry Washington

Photo: VALERIE MACON – Gettyimages

Make messy hair work. This side part lob (long bob) is a must try for everyone, it’s easy to wear with formal and casual, so it can be a bit of a got-to-wig type of hair. Achieve this look by choosing The Hair by Sisi  Brazilian Swirl hair, in a weave or a wig.

Susan Kelechi Watson

Hair by Sisi BlowOut Kink hair| weave| wig| Johannesburg
Photo: Frederick M. Brown – Gettyimages

Rock a fro, wherever you go. Natural hair texture are very popular these days, so if you want hair that looks like your natural hair, try the Hair by Sisi BlowOut Kink hair. Although the hair can be worn as a weave, natural textures can be a lot of work, so to avoid putting in the labour, rather wear the hair in a wig unit.


We hope you are feeling inspired to do something different this 2018.

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Warming up to Summer

We are all gathered here today to finally say goodbye to winter but also to difficult hair days.

Ever noticed how winter changes your hair maintainance regime? As if the dry dull weather isn’t bad enough we have to deal with dry, frizzy, limp hair. But no need to dwell on the past, warmer temperature are definitely upon us, so say good bye to extreme hair care and hello to better hair days.

Summer holidays are just a few weeks away and we all know that before we change our hair do, we need at least a week or two to finalize our decision. So, before it’s too late, here are a few ideas on how to welcome summer with the perfect hair do.

Dare to be different?

30” weaves are so over done these days, not to mention the at hot as hell, so instead of looking like every other girl, why not stand out from the rest? A mohawk/undercut will definitely help showcase your individuality. It will definitely have heads turning, so choose wisely. If you are feeling particularly adventurous why not add some color to the tips of the hair.

Try an asymmetrical bob

Summer is the season for new beginnings, but if you’re not feeling a mowhak, then why not go short? A bob will always score points in the hair world, but an asymmetrical bob will add a bit of sass to your everyday bob.

Asymmetrical bob

Short ,sweet and sexy.

It’s amazing what a basic snip and cut can do to your appearance. Sometime woman just get 12″ in hair installed without getting it cut to their face shape. A basic cut will make the hair look even more natural, than simply installing the hair.

Trimmed bob

Something a little more elegant

For the ladies who like to keep it simple,  adding a bit of texture will make the world of a difference. A 12” shoulder length cut will look amazing on anyone who wants to look fresher faced this spring.

Elegant wavy bob

A pop of colour

For our more daring beweavers colour is always the answer. add some colour to your life this spring and you will definitely turn heads. Although it may seem scary but colour can boost your confidence. If you still unsure, star off off with burngurdey, blue/black before working your way up to the more bolder colours.

A touch of color bob wig blue


Happy Weaving XXX


The right hair for a traditional wedding

Summer is finally here, and everyone knows that summer equals wedding season!!

These days, people find themselves attending two weddings, a traditional and a white wedding, which usually happen on two different days and require two different outfits. By now you probably have an idea of which weddings you will be attending and what outfits you will be wearing, but what about your hair?

We all know what a nightmare it is to manage bad hair while trying to have a good time. At a wedding, your hair should be the least of your worries.

When attending a white wedding the most obvious choice is silky hair, and at a traditional wedding, most people choose to wear their natural hair, wear a doek or wear natural hair textures. But why stick to what is typical, why not wear what best works for you. Here are a few hairsprations to have you hair-ready for both traditional and the white wedding season.

If you are bridesmaids or a guest

Natural, not for you?Let’s face it, some Beweavers will never wear natural textures. So, what happens if you want your hair to look natural, but still want a silky look? Try the Hair by Sisi Cambodian Curl. This hair looks like natural hair because of its curl pattern, but it can also be worn silky straight, so you get the best of both world. Just remember to keep the hair short (12″-16″), if you want it to look closer to natural hair.

Want to keep it natural? Any of the Hair by Sisi Blowout hair types are the best option for traditional wedding. This is because when worn as a wig, the hair requires little to no maintenance, which means you can look fabulous without paying much attention to your hair. Remember that if you wear the hair as a sew-in, you will have to put in a little more work, as the maintenance will always increase when you are wearing a weave in comparison to a wig.

Remember, there is absolutely no reason why you can’t wear silky hair to a traditional wedding and natural hair textures to a white wedding. The choice is yours, so do what makes you happy. If you want to look fab on both the white and traditional wedding then and you don’t want to buy two different wigs or weaves, find your outfit first and then hair to match. This way you can still enjoy the hair long after the wedding. If you choose your hair first, you might struggle to find an outfit that will showcase your hair, without overpowering it or dimming its shine.

Hair for the Bride

If you are a bride, they honey, switch it up! It’s your big, the spotlight will be on you, so why not do what you want to do, and if that means two different types of hair, then go for it. If your traditional wedding is on the same day or the day after/before your white wedding then a Hair by Sisi custom wig unit is your best choice. Our custom wig units are made using a high tech wig cap which molds itself to your head shape, ensuring the best security. With a Hair by Sisi custom wig, you don’t have to worry about the wig shifting, moving or falling off. Simply put the wig on, line up your parting if you have one and you are ready to go. When you are done for the day, just take it off an onto the next. With two wigs, you don’t have to choose a dress to match your hair, but rather choose hair that will match your dress. If you indecisive a pop into the Hair by Sisi Hair Boutique and Installation Bar at 27 Boxes Melville for a free consultation ahead of the big day.

Traditional wedding hair,weave,wig

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The Best Weaves in Johannesburg

3 Reasons Why Hair by Sisi is the best

1) Customer feedback

We know our hair quality is superior to many other brands and so do our clients. This is exactly why our customers keep coming back. We source only the best Virgin and Remy hair to be turned into our products, our hair keeps its silky soft and shiny look long after you wear it.

“Great service and hair ….simply the best!” –  Nomsa Patience Ntekele

“I have never been happier with Hair by Sisi ABSOFREAKINLUTELY love it. Awesome service, great hair im happy!❤️” –  Ayanda Maleka

We have also received wonderful ratings from various top salons and hair stylist across South Africa.


2) Our Hair Quality

When choosing the best hair extensions, you should check whether it is made from natural human hair or synthetic. At Hair by Sisi, we only offer our clients the best quality hair available on the market. Not only does our Virgin human hair last longer than most other hair extensions, our hair also looks, feels and behaves like real hair (because thats exactly what it is).

Peruvian Human Hair | Hair by Sisi, Johannesburg, luxury weaves & wigsBlowOut Coil |Afro |Johannesburg

Natural Hair colour |weaves JohannesburgHair colour #1b |weaves Johannesburg

3) Service

We make every experience with our clients personalised. Not only do we offer all Hair by Sisi clients access to our at home installation services, we also offer personalised deliveries at your desired location*. At Hair by Sisi there is no need for you to look for a stylist to install your hair, weave got you covered. We work with amazing Hair by Sisi stylists who are knowledgeable and use the best technique for our installation. Whether you want to sew-in weave or lace front wig unit, Hair by Sisi is the best.

micro bonds


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  • Rihanna Hair(volution)

Weave Crush Wednesday

Hair is one of the best ways to express yourself, show off you individuality and flaunt your style. But no matter how cool your locks look, you’re still going to look at celebrity hair crushes for some sort of inspiration.  We have decided to add a new segment to our blogs, called Weave Crush Wednesday which will document the hairvolution of various celebrity hair crushes around the world. To kick it off or first WCW, is the baddest girl on the planet, Bad Girl RiRi.


When it comes to style, RiRi can do no wrong. Not only does she set trends around the world, but she rocks the coolest hair dos time and time again. She is literally a daredevil when it comes to changing her hairstyle. One moment she has her hair is ruby red, the next it’s short, edged and bleach blonde. No matter what she does to her hair, one thing we can all agree on is that it always amazing. Let’s take a trip back in time and see how Rihanna’s hair has evolved over time. Look out for your favourite Riri hairdo, who knows, maybe you will be hairspired to try something different this summer.

Rihanna’s ever changing hairstyles

rihanna-short-brown-hair rihanna-straight-long-brown-hair 9-rihanna-hair 53d29570a7e25_-_rihanna-haphazard-hair-19111-large 53d29570d4d25_-_rihanna-bowl-cut-19111-large 53d295707a2fc_-_rihanna-couture-crop-19111-large  53d29570500c3_-_rihanna-colour-chameleon-19111-large 53d295706690c_-_rihanna-diva-fever-19111-large 53d2957019710_-_rihanna-purple-reign-19111-large 53d2957151094_-_rihanna-big-and-beautiful-19111-large 2010-gettyimages-103032007 2010-gettyimages-106654586 53d2957166a7b_-_rihanna-stage-style-hair-19111-large 2011-gettyimages-1135057522011-gettyimages-114990755 2015-gettyimages-472216186 rihanna-curly-hair-red-color rihanna-curly-red-hairstyle  2012-gettyimages-136606085 2012-gettyimages-137831687 2015-gettyimages-486111098 2015-gettyimages-490984028 2015-gettyimages-491174734 2013-gettyimages-163100077 2013-gettyimages-168073295 rihanna-long-wavy-brown-hairstyle 2016-spl1322551_004 2012-gettyimages-138769764 2012-gettyimages-139492995 2012-gettyimages-142002244  2010-gettyimages-96151381  2010-gettyimages-97438469 rihanna-hair-up  0c8f8919d0d18ef2233f42b6dd3100d2 2012-gettyimages-152870846 2012-gettyimages-155922004 2012-gettyimages-144006278 2013-gettyimages-180242331 53d2956fddb12_-_rihanna-award-winning-hair-19111-large 2014-gettyimages-457858570 2014-gettyimages-461769233   2014-gettyimages-476161737 2014-gettyimages-475327735 2014-gettyimages-475570979  2014-gettyimages-484730957 2014-gettyimages-488398409 2014-gettyimages-488685851 2015-gettyimages-468163992 2014-gettyimages-459214958 2015-gettyimages-468188244  2014-gettyimages-465110245 2014-gettyimages-495364947  2016-gettyimages-518751674 2016-gettyimages-510129944 2016-gettyimages-533586838 2014-gettyimages-487686855

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The Kinky Straight Weave

How to take care of your Kinky straight weave

The Kinky straight weave or BlowOut straight weave is currently one of the most popular texture in the hair world. This is mainly due to the fact that it resembles African textures, so it look very natural and extremely realistic. Although it looks amazing, it can cause a kink in your confidence if you don’t know how to maintain it.  So for all those first-timers, here are a few tips on how to take care of your Kinky straight weave.

Kinky Straight Weave  Kinky Straight Weave Kinky Straight Weave

Washing And Conditioning 

Wash and Conditioning your hair at least twice a week. Simply washing with shampoo will dehydrate your weave so it is highly recommended that you use a conditioner after you shampoo, or forget the shampoo altogether and just co-wash. If you decide to co-wash, remember to use a clarifying shampoo every other week. Clarifying shampoo will remove product build up.

With conditioner in your hair, use a wide tooth comb to detangle and distribute the conditioner throughout the hair. Make sure the hair is fully coated with conditioner while combing. Once you have combed through the hair, rinse thoroughly with cold water. Remember to use a cotton towel to pat dry your hair,  do not rub or scrunch the hair together, rubbing will cause tangles. Then let your hair air dry.

The nice thing about this type of texture is that it doesn’t need too much hair products.  However, when it is dirty, it is more likely to tangle . Removing tangles isn’t as hard, simply run your fingers through your hair and use a paddle brush to smooth it out. Don’t brush from root to ends, because it will cause shedding. Rather work your way up from the tip to the roots.

Moisturising and Styling 

Natural textures are just like our natural hair, the only difference is that our natural hair receives natural oils form your scalp and your weave will not, so it won’t get the nourishment that it needs. Using argan oil and conditioner on damp hair will give your weave great shine and will keep it well moisturised, but always remember that less is more when it comes to kinky weaves. It can be curled, which is amazing if you want to switch things up, but minimize the use of heat, rather use a non-heat method to curl. In fact heat should be the least of your worries as it is to be worn as natural as it is.

Hair by Sisi BlowOut Straight/Kinky Straight braid out

Daily Tips

•Don’t wash daily.
•Limit the use of hair spray and alcohol based hair products.
•Water keeps it in its natural state so don’t be afraid of walking in the rain.
•Too much heat can cause permanent damage.
•Use a silk head wrap or pillow case to protect your hair over night.

Happy Weaving

Golden Globes 2018

This last weekend, international stars strutted their stuff on the red carpet to celebrate the…

Warming up to Summer

We are all gathered here today to finally say goodbye to winter but also to…

The right hair for a traditional wedding

Summer is finally here, and everyone knows that summer equals wedding season!! These days, people…

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