Taking care of curly hair is not a simple task. One thing that must be said about curls is that they really do look amazing if you know how to treat them well. Curly hair is very very high maintenance and requires a lot of care, but if you follow these easy tips, you too can enjoy Great Hair Every Day.

Keep your curls hydrate 

Curls love moisture, therefore keeping curls washed will keep the curls hydrated. A big mistake people make however is thinking that shampoo will provide moisture when actually it does the complete opposite. Although shampoo will help clean your hair, it will also strip your hair of the oils it needs to be healthy. Excessive shampooing can leave your hair looking dull, dry and limp, which will make your hair frizz. We, therefore, suggest ditching the shampoo and only using conditioner, this is called co-washing.

Tip: If you are looking for a quick boost before co-wash days, mix one part conditioner with four parts water in a spray bottle and use it to sprints your hair every other day.

Invest in a great hair care

This may sound silly, but using the wrong product on your hair, can damage it permanently. Investing in great hair care products that are specially made for hair extensions, weaves and wigs is of utmost importance, that’s why we swear by Hair by Sisi Hair Care. Most commercial products are designed to be used on your natural hair. Remember your weave, wig or hair extensions are not attached to your scalp so they won’t get the nutrition your natural hair gets. To clean your natural hair thoroughly, the commercial products need to be very strong. Using the same products as you do on your natural hair on your hair extensions will over clean then, stripping them from any protective layers and will cause the hair to dry out. Once the hair is dry it is more like to tangle, shed and matte. Once your hair starts doing this, it is very difficult to return it to its former glory.

Tip: Buy a shampoo for your hair type, as it will help your curls turn out better.

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Use a wide-tooth comb

Brushes can be very damaging to curly hair, we therefore suggest using a wide tooth comb when combing your hair. You can also use a paddle brush, not only will it make detangling your hair easier, it will help protect your hair as well.

Tip: Always section your hair into smaller parts, then comb from the ends of the hair, working your up to the roots (or track). Read our blog post on what other brushes you should use your other hair.

HOW TAKE CARE CURLY HAIR weave wig hair extensions wash haircare shampoo conditioner cleaning maintenance hair

Work on your hair while it is wet

Detangling and apply products must always be done while hair is wet. When detangling, use condition to ease the tangles, this will allow the brush to move through the hair without tugging at it. When applying products, make sure the hair damp, this will not only help lock in the products, it will also help keep the moisture and product in your hair.

Tip: Before drying, apply a good scrunching gel and then scrunch your hair. This will help define the curls when they dry.

HOW TAKE CARE CURLY HAIR weave wig hair extensions wash haircare shampoo conditioner cleaning maintenance hair
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Use a cotton T-shirt and a diffuser to dry hair

A regular towel is full of fibres, which are meant to aggressively dry up water from your body. Replacing your towel with either a cotton t-shirt or a microfibre head towel will help dry your hair while reducing frizz and will give you better-sculpted curls.

Tip: If you in a hurry and cannot air dry your hair, then you should buy a diffuser attachment for your blow dryer. Diffusers will evenly distribute the warm air into the hair and won’t give your hair the frizzy look blow dryers usually give you.

HOW TAKE CARE CURLY HAIR weave wig hair extensions wash haircare shampoo conditioner cleaning maintenance hair

Summary points to remember 

  • Never brush dry curls it causes frizz and breakage.

  • Put in the work, when it comes to your curls, and you will be rewarded.

  • If you are wearing a weave, braid hair or put it in a lose  bun  and always wear a silk bonnet before bed. In the morning, wake your curls up with a sprits of water.

  • NEVER use hot tools on your hair it will change the type of curls you have and damage your hair.


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