What your hair says about you

What your hair says about you.

Have you ever wondered what your hair says about you? If you are a believer in letting your hair do the talking, they you need to make sure you hair is saying what you want it too.

Anyone who has worn great hair will know the difference between what good hair and bad hair will do for your confidence.  Hair is so much more than just a look, it can be a reflection, reinvention or a reinforcement of who you are.

Often your hair will speak for you, even when you don’t say a thing. If you know the power of first impressions you know that you only get one shot to make a great impression. One way of making a good impression is making sure your hair give people a certain message about who and what you are.

The world is always going to see someone with long, curly, blond hair differently to someone with a straight, brown hair. And even though your hair choice is intensely personal, it is also very public. In the wonderful world of hair, we know that we are able to change our hair as often as we want and easier than any other part of our body, but what does a change in hair means to the rest of the world.

What your hair says about you when it’s straight?


What your hair says about you.| Gabrielle-union-hair-curly-vs-straight
Image via Glamour.com (Source: Bobby Metelus)

Generally speaking, people with curly hair aren’t taken as seriously as people with straight hair. This is usually because straight hair is often thought of as more conservative and curly hair is seen as more casual. Curls also get more attention, so if it’s stares that you want, then curls are the answer.

What your hair says about you when it’s short?


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A woman with short hair is generally perceived as confident, strong and has nothing to hide. However, perceptions of people with short hair versus those with longer hair vary according to gender. In general, men love long hair, because they believe it is sexy, but short hair is only perceived as being attractive on women who are slender and/or physically fit. Although both hairstyles can work in a professional environment, think of how you want to seen.

What your hair says about you when it’s long?


What your hair says about you.| Zoe-saldana-long-hair-vs-bob| weave| Johannesburg
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Even though many of us like the idea of long, silky hair, sporting long hair in a workplace environment may have subconscious consequences.

A previously mentioned, short hair is typically seen as less sexy, but more professional. A bob or shoulder length weave or wig (regardless of texture) will look more natural and could look as if it were your natural hair. If you are working in a traditional industry where males are the dominant gender (accountant, finance, law firms, business executive, banker etc), you want to come across as confident and professional but not threatening. Women with shorter hair will look more feminine, while still being able to fit in with men’s norms in the workplace. Long hair can make you appear youthful and sexy to some people, which can work in your favour, but more often than not will not. Try the Hair by Sisi Peruvian Slick 12″ hair for a professional and easy hair type.

What your hair says about you when it’s colored?


What your hair says about you.
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We all know the many stereotypes about blondes. They are usually viewed as sexy, full of energy but not necessarily rocket scientists. Brunettes, on the other hand, are viewed as mysterious but also considered sexy and seen a more serious than blondes. If you are in the entertainment industry you will definitely have fun being blonde. You will get more attention with hair that is brightly coloured, like red, however, it can say something about your confidence or lack thereof.  If you are in a more professional environment and you want a touch of colour, try highlights to soften up the darker, natural colour of your weave or wig.

What your hair says about you when it’s bright?


What your hair says about you.
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Those who sport non-traditional hair colours can come across as rebellious. Women with pink or red or blue hair are considered as those wanting to call attention to themselves. If you are an artist, actresses or aspiring YouTube stars, colour hair will definitely help you set yourself apart from the rest.  Unnatural hair colours are creative and youthful, but won’t go over well in a corporate environment.

What your hair says about you when it’s blonde?


What your hair says about you.
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Need a big change, get new hair. Changing your hair could almost be seen as changing your identity. Whether you decide to dye your hair or shave it off, drastically changing your hair will make people see you in a different way. Changing your hair can also signal that you have yourself changed and that you are different from who you were before. Going through a big break up? Changing your hair will proclaim your identity.

What your hair says about you when it’s completely different?


What your hair says about you?
Image via DJ Zinhle Instagram

Even though there aren’t any absolute rules about hair and no hair colour, texture or style has any inherent meaning, personal attitude is very important. It is not true that across time, across history and across nations, that everyone thinks blonde hair is sexy. Our notions of appropriate colour, type and style are always a reflection of a particular place and time. So, as long as you wear your hair the way you feel free, comfortable and confident, don’t let what people think of your hair matter more than your happiness and the way you choose to express yourself. Remember if your attitude and personality match your hair (weave, wig) you will wear your hair with confidence. Curly hair like the Hair by Sisi Cambodian Curl or the Hair by Sisi BlowOutKink Hair will always turn heads, so its attention you want, curly hair is the one.

If you want to know more about all things weaves and wigs, then check out our post in Glamour magazine.

Happy Weaving XX

Lace Frontal – The Good, Bad and the Ugly

Lace Frontal – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

So why is everyone fussing over the LACE FRONTAL?

How are you tying a top bun with that weave? Half-up, half-down, how is that even possible with no visible tracks? These are just two questions that people always ask me when I have my hair up. The answer is always the same, I’m wearing a lace frontal.

After 4 years in the hair game, only now am I confident enough to talk truthfully and with real experience about the lace frontal.
Lace Frontal - The Good| Hair by Sisi

What is a lace frontal?

Frontals are basically larger, longer closures.  Instead of just giving you a natural parting (the closure) a lace frontal will give you full, protective styling, cover-up while giving you a natural looking hairline if executed properly.

Lace Frontal - The Good, Bad and the Ugly

What’s is good about Lace frontals:

1. As mentioned above, a frontal is a 100% protective sew-in option, if you wear it without glue or adhesive and IF it is professionally installed and removed.

2. Frontals offer versatility, unlike the closure, you can part your hair wherever you want to.  This added lace size gives you space to style your hair in various updo styles.

3. Time savers! If you think sewing in a full weave takes up too much time, a frontal is going to change your life. A full frontal sew-in takes about half the time of a closure sew-in.

Lace Frontal - Bad and the Ugly

What is bad about Lace frontals:

1. Frontals are delicate and call for great attention to detail. If you don’t have patience, move on up. Frontals are relatively new in the hair world so remember that not everyone will know how to install them properly.

2. Frontal installations call for teamwork. During your installation, you will have to hold the unit down for your stylist, so that there is tension being applied to both ends of the frontal. If you’re not prepared to hold your frontal down, you might find the installation process somewhat annoying.

3. They can appear more wiggy that actual wigs. Most frontals require some degree of customization and if the hair on the frontal is very dense it will look unnatural, so you will have to put in the work to make the hairline look as realistic as possible (Hair by Sisi will do the customization for you).
Remember, frontals are not one size fits all, so they will look different on different people.  Sometimes people have unrealistic expectations as to how their install will come out because they have seen a frontal installation on someone else.

4. Frontals are VERY high maintenance. Your hair should look amazing when you leave your stylists chair, but the next week is really going to test your skill and patience. From the moment you get up in the morning, your frontal is going to require a bit of TLC. If you are not good with basic upkeep, a frontal is probably not a good option for you. The long and short of it all is that frontals require a lot of daily attention, they are not a “wash and go” kind of installation.

5. Your hairline is at high risk. Frontals can “eat away” at your hairline, so if your hairline is weak, be very careful. Rather opt for an installation with a closure, or go for a wig option.

6. Frontals, like lace and silk closures, are not a real scalp. Excessive scratching, constant tugging and manipulation will cause bald spots on the base of your frontal. Once your lace is damaged, it will be more difficult to use it again.

Lace Frontal - the Ugly

What is ugly about Lace frontals:

1. Your skin complexion matters! The fact is, the darker you are the less likely your frontal will match your skin tone (and appear invisible). This is because lace only comes in 3 different shades; Kim K, Beyonce, Naomi Campbell.  If you are not the same shade as the lace (very few people are) you will run into a few issues. If you don’t use your foundation on your frontal (preferable before installation) you after your instructions lace sill stick out like a sore thumb post installation.  You can ask your stylist to tint the lace to match your skin color, but keep in mind over time it will fade, bringing you back to the high maintenance portion of frontals.

2. Glue will need reapplication. Glue is not a one application type thing. Generally, it will last about 7-10 days. This means when you lace lifts, you have to get to work. You will probably need to get your hair done every two weeks in order for your frontal to continue slaying and looking fresh.

3. If your stylist uses adhesive and is still in the learning phase of installing frontal, you could be the victim of flaking frontal, that unnatural shiny look, or visible lace which is not a good look especially if you want it to look natural.

Tips for you next frontal install.

Consult, consult, consult, I can’t stress this enough. Do not buy hair and walk into a salon with your frontal in hand expecting it to come out looking like Beyonce 2018 (because even she had it tough with the frontal game). Chat to people, ask for a consultation BEFORE your installation. Not only will this give you a proper indication of what’s to follow but it will also give you a better understanding of what your install will look like.


Happy Weaving XXX



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