Warming up to Summer

We are all gathered here today to finally say goodbye to winter but also to difficult hair days.

Ever noticed how winter changes your hair maintainance regime? As if the dry dull weather isn’t bad enough we have to deal with dry, frizzy, limp hair. But no need to dwell on the past, warmer temperature are definitely upon us, so say good bye to extreme hair care and hello to better hair days.

Summer holidays are just a few weeks away and we all know that before we change our hair do, we need at least a week or two to finalize our decision. So, before it’s too late, here are a few ideas on how to welcome summer with the perfect hair do.

Dare to be different?

30” weaves are so over done these days, not to mention the at hot as hell, so instead of looking like every other girl, why not stand out from the rest? A mohawk/undercut will definitely help showcase your individuality. It will definitely have heads turning, so choose wisely. If you are feeling particularly adventurous why not add some color to the tips of the hair.

Try an asymmetrical bob

Summer is the season for new beginnings, but if you’re not feeling a mowhak, then why not go short? A bob will always score points in the hair world, but an asymmetrical bob will add a bit of sass to your everyday bob.

Asymmetrical bob

Short ,sweet and sexy.

It’s amazing what a basic snip and cut can do to your appearance. Sometime woman just get 12″ in hair installed without getting it cut to their face shape. A basic cut will make the hair look even more natural, than simply installing the hair.

Trimmed bob

Something a little more elegant

For the ladies who like to keep it simple,  adding a bit of texture will make the world of a difference. A 12” shoulder length cut will look amazing on anyone who wants to look fresher faced this spring.

Elegant wavy bob

A pop of colour

For our more daring beweavers colour is always the answer. add some colour to your life this spring and you will definitely turn heads. Although it may seem scary but colour can boost your confidence. If you still unsure, star off off with burngurdey, blue/black before working your way up to the more bolder colours.

A touch of color bob wig blue


Happy Weaving XXX


The right hair for a traditional wedding

Summer is finally here, and everyone knows that summer equals wedding season!!

These days, people find themselves attending two weddings, a traditional and a white wedding, which usually happen on two different days and require two different outfits. By now you probably have an idea of which weddings you will be attending and what outfits you will be wearing, but what about your hair?

We all know what a nightmare it is to manage bad hair while trying to have a good time. At a wedding, your hair should be the least of your worries.

When attending a white wedding the most obvious choice is silky hair, and at a traditional wedding, most people choose to wear their natural hair, wear a doek or wear natural hair textures. But why stick to what is typical, why not wear what best works for you. Here are a few hairsprations to have you hair-ready for both traditional and the white wedding season.

If you are bridesmaids or a guest

Natural, not for you?Let’s face it, some Beweavers will never wear natural textures. So, what happens if you want your hair to look natural, but still want a silky look? Try the Hair by Sisi Cambodian Curl. This hair looks like natural hair because of its curl pattern, but it can also be worn silky straight, so you get the best of both world. Just remember to keep the hair short (12″-16″), if you want it to look closer to natural hair.

Want to keep it natural? Any of the Hair by Sisi Blowout hair types are the best option for traditional wedding. This is because when worn as a wig, the hair requires little to no maintenance, which means you can look fabulous without paying much attention to your hair. Remember that if you wear the hair as a sew-in, you will have to put in a little more work, as the maintenance will always increase when you are wearing a weave in comparison to a wig.

Remember, there is absolutely no reason why you can’t wear silky hair to a traditional wedding and natural hair textures to a white wedding. The choice is yours, so do what makes you happy. If you want to look fab on both the white and traditional wedding then and you don’t want to buy two different wigs or weaves, find your outfit first and then hair to match. This way you can still enjoy the hair long after the wedding. If you choose your hair first, you might struggle to find an outfit that will showcase your hair, without overpowering it or dimming its shine.

Hair for the Bride

If you are a bride, they honey, switch it up! It’s your big, the spotlight will be on you, so why not do what you want to do, and if that means two different types of hair, then go for it. If your traditional wedding is on the same day or the day after/before your white wedding then a Hair by Sisi custom wig unit is your best choice. Our custom wig units are made using a high tech wig cap which molds itself to your head shape, ensuring the best security. With a Hair by Sisi custom wig, you don’t have to worry about the wig shifting, moving or falling off. Simply put the wig on, line up your parting if you have one and you are ready to go. When you are done for the day, just take it off an onto the next. With two wigs, you don’t have to choose a dress to match your hair, but rather choose hair that will match your dress. If you indecisive a pop into the Hair by Sisi Hair Boutique and Installation Bar at 27 Boxes Melville for a free consultation ahead of the big day.

Traditional wedding hair,weave,wig

Happy Weaving XXX

10 Weave Fails You Might Be Making

Everyone knows that great hair can make any woman feel amazing, but just as quickly as it can make you feel great if you don’t know how and what you are working with, it can bring just as much trauma into your life.  Anything from visible tracks, bald patches, and poor leave-out blend can have you looking like a hot mess. Clearly, a lot can go wrong while wearing a weave, so to have you and your weave looking 100, here are a few ways to prevent embarrassing hair mishaps from happening in the first place.

1. If your weave ain’t installed correctly your tracks will start to show. A great weave can really boost your confidence and even give you the ability to go from short to long hair in a matter of minutes. If done correctly the weave will have people thinking that it is your actual hair ( which is the point really). If one member of the track clan, decides to step out of line, your whole sewn-in can turn on you. Exposed tracks are not cute. Most people find themselves sharing the spotlight with their weave tracks because their weave hair has been installed too close to your “leave out,” which means there is not enough of your natural hair to cover the track. Sometimes your natural hair is just shorter than the weave hair you are trying to install. Ladies, if your natural hair is 12”, tell your self it 10” (maybe even 8”). Remember one thing your leave-out is prone to SHRINKAGE. This small miscalculation will end up ruining your whole installation.  Both of these are due to a bad installation and ain’t nobody got time for that. If this is happening to you as you sit and read this post or you know someone who knows someone walking around looking like these ladies in the pictures down below, then tell them to head on over to the Hair by Sisi Installation Bar so we can do them (her & her weave hair) justice.

Bad weave Installation         VS                Exposed Tracks

Bad weave Installation Visible weave tracks

2. The edges of your (real) hair start to thin out. Losing your hair is never funny thing. Once your edges decide to take a step back, it’s bad news all around. It is of the utmost importance that you protect your edges from the very beginning. The best way to do this is to keep them intact: always make sure that your extensions aren’t installed too tightly. If anyone says you have to suffer for beauty, or that the tightness should settle over the next two days, then they don’t care about your edges boo, so you shouldn’t care about their service either (read more here). #GirlBye

3. Is your weave is coming undone? A properly installed weave should last between six-eight weeks. If your weave comes undone before then, then you should get it tightened. If your weave is loose, ask your hairstylist to tighten the weave after washing it. This should be done every 2-3 weeks.


4. Your hair looks stringy. Four words:

Wash  your hair booboo!

Just like your natural hair, your weave needs to be washed (every 7-10 days and every 3-5 days if you work out a lot). Your weave hair can easily pick up a bad scents, dirt, and debris, so be good to her and she will be good to you. Washing your weave is generally very easy, just step into a shower and you are good to go. The tricky part is making sure your natural hair underneath is cleaned, dry, well taken care of and doesn’t develop mildew (dampness/sweat buildup cause mildew). If you are not getting your natural hair proper hygiene then best see your hairstylist so you can be sure the job is done right. If you can’t get to your stylist for a thorough wash, try using a dry shampoo, to mask the scent and soak up the oil.

5. Your weave sheds like crazy. If people are able to track your movement by the trail of weave hair left behind, then it’s time to rethink your purchase. Synthetic hair often sheds more than human hair, which is why it’s always better to purchase real human hair when you can. Great hair extensions are an investment, so choose wisely, and remember installation is key, so always get a professional to install them for you.

6. Your weave looks like an old-school wig. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing a good wig every now and again, but if your weave looks like a wig, then something has gone terribly wrong. Even though wigs these days looks so good they get mistaken for weaves, a wig-looking-weave is never a compliment. Your weave will always look like a wig if, the hair you are installing is synthetic. Sythetic hair has an unnatural-looking sheen to it which makes the hair look fake. Fake hair = wig-looking-weave. Another problem happens when your frontal has not been customized and the baby hairs aren’t laid. This will make your afterall weave install look wiggie.

 Wig looking weave                 VS            Perfect installation

bad frontal install good frontal-sew-in-install

7.  Bad blend. This is honestly the worst thing that can happen to a Beweaver. If your weave hair doesn’t match your natural hair, the only person you will be fooling is yourself, so pay attention when choosing your texture. If you plan on wearing your hair curly, don’t install straight hair extensions. Instead, go with the curly weave to match your (naturally) curly hair.

  Bad blend                                VS                  Perfect match


8. There’s a bad smell coming from the weave. When you sweat and the dampness builds up on your scalp, it can cause a bad-smelling weave. When washing your weave, it’s important to take your time and to make sure you get all of the weave hair (and your natural hair underneath your weave) completely dry, so that mildew cannot grow. We always recommend washing your hair on a lazy Sunday,  sitting outside with a good book to read, while your hair air dries. If your hair already smells, wash it thoroughly using the Hair by Sisi a Clarifying Shampoo and then use a blow-dryer, focusing directly onto the scalp, to make sure the roots of your weave are completely dry.

9. The weave doesn’t match up with your hairline. A good weave should match up seamlessly with your natural hair and hairline. If your weave looks obvious, it wasn’t installed properly. Sometimes when your natural hair grows it can cause the weave to shift back or lift, but you should only start seeing this happen at the six-week mark and not anytime before then. If you weave is badly installed, get it redone.

10. You’re not wearing your weave the way it was styled. Too many times, women with weaves will wear their hair in styles which the weave install won’t allow.  If you are wearing your weave in a high pony, when it was installed with the intention of being worn loose, your track will show and your weave will bump. This is not a good look #StopIt #YouTriedIt. To keep this from happening, inform your hairstylist before she starts your installation of the styles you want to achieve, so that she can plan accordingly. Remember if you want your install to look even more natural, have the weave hair trimmed slightly, so that it looks more natural on you.

Hope this helps. Happy Weaving XXX

How to properly wear a lace front wig

Wigs are huge these days, everyone from Rihanna to Khanyi Mbau are known to having a few wig units stashed away in their closest. Even though wigs are probably the best things since great weaves, they are very problematic when they do not look right. And just like weaves, the installation needs to be perfect. Here are a few wig installation methods to help you get clued up.

  1. Glue/Tape Method – Full Lace Wigs


This is the most common way of wearing a lace wig, but it definitely has it’s downs. The biggest problem with wearing a glue/tape down lace wig is that it can have you looking like your hairline starts just above your eyebrows. I mean, if thats your thing then do you, but the general consensus is that this ain’t cute, so beware.

You need to make sure the placement of lace is just in font of your hairline, so that your edges are not affected and your forehead hairline ratio still looks natural.

2)Blending Method – Full Lace Wigs & Half  Head Wigs

This is my second most favourite way to wear a wig. By having your natural hair out  (similar to a leave-out) you are able to blend it with the wig hair. This method ensure that you forehead does not look too big or too small. The only down sid of this method is that you have to relax or straighten your natural hair to make sure it blends well. If you are natural, try our BlowOut Sraight, Kink or Coil hair.

3) Glueless Method – Custom Wig Unit Wig

Hair by Sisi Custom Wig Unit

This is by far my favourite wig wearing method. The wig itself is made to fit your head, so it is very easy to put on and slip off. At times an elastic band is attached to the wig for extract security. Because the wig is made using a closure, you do not have to worry about forehead/fivehead ratio. Simply pop on and go.  You made need to lay your edges using the Hair by Sisi Edge Slayer, but other than that you are good to go.

Tell us what methods work for you and you could win the Hair by Sisi Edge Slayer.

Happy Wigging

3 Ways To Protect Your Edges While Rocking A Great Wig

Wigs have become one of the biggest protective styles in the hair world. The are essential to wear, can be switched up as often as you want and give your natural hair a break from the pulling and tugging that can be caused by wearing a weave. However just because you take it off at night, doesn’t mean that it can’t cause damage.

Protect Your Edges While Rocking A Great Wig

The best thing about wearing a wig is that you have access to your natural hair which means you can wash, base and treat your natural hair, while still protecting it during the day. Unlike a weave, a wig does not cause huge amounts of friction on your edges, which is great, but it certainly doesn’t mean it can’t cause damage. Although there is less pulling and tugging on your edges, the constant on and off again, can cause the lace to create friction on your on edges, Friction causes the hair to dry out and can lead to breakage. So how can you rock a wig while protecting your edges? Here are a three of our essential wig rocking tips:


1) Consult Before Purchasing

A detailed consultation is key to learning and knowing how to be rock your wig unit. At Hair by Sisi we insist that every customer has a consultation with us, so we can show you and tell you what to expect while wearing your wig unit. Sit down with Sisi, the Owner and Founder of the Hair by Sisi Hair Boutique and Installation Bar for your personal consultation. Hair by Sisi specialises in high quality virgin human hair weaves and wigs, so if you are a newbie are human hair veteran, you know you are in good hand. During your detailed consultation with Sisi, we will find the hair texture that will best help achieve the style you are looking for. We have Five textures to choose from in our Silky Collection and 3 texture from our BlowOut Collection. You can also choose from our Custom made units, with either a closure, frontal or our factory made units.

Hair by Sisi – Hair Boutique & Installation Bar    

2) Hair Care is essential

Before you wear a wig, we need to make sure your natural hair is in a good nutritional state. Your natural hair will then be detangled, shampoo treated, washed and a conditioned and will be based using Roots Organic Moisturising Butter, which will ensure your natural hair receives the proper nutrients before being cornrowed. For your wig to sit as naturally as possible it is crucial that we braid your natural hair in a pattern that mimics how the unit will be worn and styled, either with a side part or middles part making sure that no stress is applied to your edges.


3) The Perfect Fit

A good fit is a key to a natural looking wig. Your wig unit is then perfectly fitted and should any adjustments or alterations be needed, they are done while you wait. Lastly, you will be shown how to store your wig at night or when you are not using it, how to wash and how to take care of your unit. Remember that we encourage every Beweaver to redo the braids underneath their wig every two weeks, to ensure your natural hair is at its best.

Happy Wigging XXX

My weave is too tight

One of the biggest misconceptions about a weave installation is that a tight braid (or cornrows) will make your weave installation “last longer.” This is not true. A tight weave will simply cause damage.

Installation is very important:

Installation takes place on two levels. The first is the braid pattern, the second if the actual weaving. These two methods are crucial to a great hair experience.

 Best braid pattern for weave  

Tighter is never better

It is very important that your braids (cornrows) are not too tight. If the braids are too tight not only will you experience pain, but once the pain wears off, you will experience itchiness and you will see white dots or bumps near the roots of your natural hair. These white bulbs are NOT the root, but rather the Root Sheath which surrounds the root. This is a sign that the hair has been pulled.

Constant pulling and tugging at your natural hair will eventually cause Traction alopecia, which is a type of hair loss that happens over time. The constant strain or tension put on your natural hair will cause permanent hair loss.

Sometimes it’s not only the braid that causes hair loss but the sheer weight of the hair (bundles) that causes damage. Yes, we all imagine ourselves with the perfect, voluminous hair bouncing around with every step we take, but Beweavers remember that 3-4 bundles are enough.
Weave is too tight traction alopecia caused by tight weaves

Don’t be afraid to speak up

If your weave too tight, let your stylist know while they are braiding your hair. When the weft is sewn onto the braid it will only get heavier and could become unbearable.
If the pain is only felt once you get home, it is best to go back the stylist and let them know that the installation it is too tight, so that he/she can adjust it. If for whatever reason you cannot go back to your stylist, try squirting some conditioner or coconut oil on the sore spots or washing your weave. Make sure to hold the hair in a ponytail while you wash it because the water will weigh the hair down, and will cause even more tension. Naturally, the hair should loosen up in two or three days, but waiting this long may cause damage. If there is no loosening up, after two days, then the install has got to go.


Take care of your edges

If the weave is pulling on your edges, then you have to take it out immediately. Your edges are extremely sensitive and the hair is much weaker than any other hair on your head. Because of this, any tension caused will result in damage.

If washing, conditioning or basing your natural hair with oils does not cure the pain, I’m afraid the only thing to do is to take out the weave. Remember no install is worth any permeant damage. #AintNobodyGotTimeForThat

For a perfect install come to the Hair by Sisi Hair Boutique and Installation Bar at 27 Boxes in Melville, Johannesburg. All installation are done on Friday – Sunday. To avoid disappointment make sure to book your appointments in advance. #HairBySisi #GreatHairEveryDay

Happy Weaving XX





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