There are many different type of protective styles which will help shield your natural hair for the natural elements during your transitional phases (colour, relaxer, cut etc). Wearing a weave is one such style, but while many of us enjoy the benefit of wearing a weave, we sometimes neglect our natural hair underneath the weave. This can cause great damage to your hair, leaving it dry and brittle. Taking care of your real hair underneath your weave is extremely important and will help you achieve healthy hair growth with great length retention.

The answer to protecting your natural hair while wearing weave is simple, moisture! Keeping your natural hair moisturised while in any sort of protective style will help it grow strong and healthy.

Here are a few tips you can try that will  keep your natural hair moisturised and healthy during hibernation.

H20 + Conditioner: Mix water and leave-in-conditioner in a squeeze bottle and apply directly to your scalp, between your cornrows.

Try to using a squeeze bottle because it is much easier manurer around your braids. If you do not have a squeeze bottle, then find a spray bottle, but be careful not to spray the mix onto your weave. This should be done once a week, at most. NB Too much water without drying can cause scalp to become itchy and your hair smell.

Conditioner and water mix Squeeze bottle for your water and conditioner mix

Oil up: Natural oil are a great way to give your hair nutrients that will help it grow strong. Try using oils like Coconut Oil and Virgin Olive Oil. Simply apply the oils directly onto your scalp using your finger or a squeeze bottle. This can be applied as many times as you wish, because unlike the water and conditioner mix, the oil will not wet your hair.

Coconut oil for your hair
Protect your natural hair underneath your weave with coconut oil
Virgin Olive oil
Protect your natural hair underneath your weave with Virgin oil


NB. Try applying every other night or when your scalp is dry/itchy.  Avoid morning applications and keep the oil amount small, because it can drip down your forehead or onto you collar, which is not cute. Be extra careful when applying oil to your scalp because the oils can drip onto your tracks and may cause your hair to become oily.




Using these simple tricks will help keep your natural hair moisturised and well taken care of underneath your weave, and will ensure your natural roots look great when it’s time to remove your weave.

Happy Weaving XX

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