How to keep your weave tangle free

Great hair extensions can be life changing, and if you have ever worn real virgin human hair, you will know what I am talking about. All human hair weaves, wigs and extensions are essentially dead hair, so maintenance is key to a life-changing hair experience. When it comes to hair extensions you have to put in some work if you want them to last. Often newbies may not be aware of the role maintenance plays in having a great hair experience and can end up experiencing tangling, matting and shedding. (If you are new to the weave game, read our post on our 6 Crucial Weave Tips  before reading any further.)

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When it comes to weaves, I can honestly say that I have seen and experienced it all, so when I see a Beweavers walking around with tangled hair I am always tempted to give a Beweaver some help.

Even the best and most expensive hair on the market will need great hair care. Yes, this may sound obvious, but your hair extensions can’t maintain themselves. If you don’t have a good hair care routine, your hair will TMS (tangle, matte and shed) real quick.

If you have ever struggled with TMS, and have even had to cut your weave to get rid of tangles, I’m here to tell you that the struggle is over.  There are a few simple ways to avoid TMS and keep your human hair extensions at bay.

When it comes to hair, time tells all. All hair looks relatively the same in the first few days, but with time, water and heat, good hair will always prevail. For these reasons, I’m always stressing the importance of buying virgin human hair. Because virgin hair is taken from one donor and the hair has not been coloured or processed, the cuticles are intact and facing the same direction, the hair will not TMS. But without proper maintenance even virgin human hair can behave like bad hair.

So, before we start it is important to know:

What causes your weave to tangle, matte and shed?

Once the hair is sourced, cut and turned into hair extensions, the hair will no longer receive the natural scalp oils which help keep hair healthy and shiny.  Without these oils, the hair is more prone to TMS.
Things like weather, your hair care routine and product buildup will contribute heavily to TMS. However, if your weave is a hot mess, you can bring her back to life, and have your hair looking brand new again, by following these simple tips. Note, Beweavers wearing, clip-ins or wigs will still need TLC, and may experience fewer problems but will require a difference hair care routine.
For those wearing sew-ins, micro-bonding or Brazilian knots, this is how you can prevent tangling, matting and shedding.

How to avoid your weave from tangling, matting and shedding?

  • Don’t rub your hair together when drying.
  • Don’t over moisturise your hair, product build up can cause tangles.
  • Don’t even attempt to detangle hair when it’s dry.
  • Co-wash at least or twice weekly and shampoo once a month.
  • Silk headwrap or pillow case is the way to go.
  • Don’t use alcohol-based products n your hair.

Read our blogpost on how to wash your weave if you want your weave to have a great lifespan.

 How to detangle your weave?

  • Comb your hair (using a wide tooth comb) starting from tips going up towards the track. To this will limit shedding and potentially damaging your weave. Read more about choosing the right comb for your hair type.
  • Use a moisturising conditioner to co-wash.
  • Make sure you co-wash in a downward motion using your fingers to spread the conditioner.
  • Leave the conditioner in your hair for about 10 minutes.
  • Let water run through your hair in a downward motion still, use your finger to remove tangles while the water is running.
  • Repeat process, and if you find your hair still has tangles.
  • Pat dry with a cotton towel.
  • Allow your hair to air dry (dry naturally) is the best thing you can for your weave.

If you find your hair is tangled in the morning, mix up conditioner, water and a natural oil like Argan oil and spray your hair. Remember to detangle using a wide tooth comb.

Remember, knowing how to treat your weave will add to having a great hair experience.

Happy Weaving

No more Split Ends

“What’s going on with my weave?! It keeps getting tangled and matted, even after I detangled it and given it a bit of TLC… ”

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve heard this very phrase and every time I tell Beweavers what is going on, they can’t believe what they are hearing. So, I decided to write a (two-fold) blog post about how split ends are the cause of so many tangled and matted human hair weaves & wigs, even if the hair is virgin human hair.

The main reason some Beweavers will struggle with their hair is because they don’t know much about split ends and or think the weave is invincible!

Human hair weaves and wigs are usually put under more stress than your natural hair. This is due to things like styling, bleaching, the constant use of electronic styling tools like straightening irons and curling wands. If hair is not properly taken care of, it will result in split ends, which can potentially be your worst nightmare.

What Are Split Ends?

Split ends can occur on both your natural and on your weave or other human hair extensions. Depending on where and how the split end is situated on the hair shaft, a single split can unravel and move up the hair shaft or peel away or break off near their starting point. Split ends will cause more problems to human hair weaves and wigs, because unlike your natural hair, your extensions will not receive any natural nutrients which are excreted directly from the scalp to the hair. Therefore, it is important to take care of the tips in order for the hair to retain its overall healthy look and live out its full lifespan. Here are the three main cause of split ends, followed by five tips on how to prevent and manage your weave in a way that will lessen split ends occurring.

What Causes Split Ends?

1. Heat

Heat will cause your hair follicles to lose their much needed natural moisture, which will result in split ends and a dried out looking weave. It is, therefore, important to use as little heat as possible on your human hair extensions if you want them to have a lengthy lifespan. So limit the use of blow drying, flat ironing, straightening and other heat emitting styling tools. (For more on how you can straighten your hair safely click here.)

2. Harsh Hair Products

If you are a Hair by Sisi Beweaver you will know that our basic motto is “Great hair deserve great maintenance.” Your hair extension will need a little extra product to keep them looking their best, but using harsh hair products like hair dye, gels, waxes and hair sprays can weaken your hair and cause split ends. You need to make sure that when you invest in good hair, you do the same with the product. Make sure to use products that are specifically made for hair extension, or are gentle enough to use on your weave or wig. Reduce the use of hair spray, gel and wax as they stay longer on your hair, which means you will have to wash your hair more often than required.

3. Strong Shampoo

Having a great hair experience is 50% dependant on the correct hair care products. This is key and particularly important when it comes to washing your hair. Shampoos are made specifically for different hair types and using a shampoo that is not meant for human hair extensions, weaves or wigs can run the risk of damaging your hair extensions. The Hair by Sisi Hair Extensions Shampoo is made with hair extension in mind. The product has the ability to clean your weave thoroughly with every wash, but because it is mild, it prevents damage like stripping (which causes your hair thin out, feel rough and become brittle) caused by strong shampoo. If the shampoo you are using in not specially made for hair extensions, then choose shampoos that are sulphate and paraben free and keep your washes to a limit of two washes per week.

Sadly, there is no actual treatment for split ends, so try by all means to prevent them.

How To Prevent And Avoid Split Ends?

1. Trimming

If you notice that your human hair weave has split ends get a professional to trim the tips off. A professional will be able to determine what bits may be split ends, which you may not recognise as split ends. You can trim the tips of yourself, but be careful not to trim too much or too little off.

2. Moisturise Your Hair

This might seem weird but washing your hair more than you should, can cause split ends. Wet hair is very fragile and detangling while wet can tear the hair. Rather moisturise your hair before you wash it, using natural oils like argan oil, jojoba oil, sesame oil or almond oil. The right oils will protect your hair and reduce damage during a wash.

TIP: Avoid products with petroleum.

3. Drying

Always, always, always air dry your human hair weave, wig or extensions. Wrap a soft cotton towel around your head for about 5 minutes, remove it then pat dry your hair. Do not rub the towel against your hair, as it will cause friction, twists and create unwanted tangles. If you are in a rush to get your hair washed and dried, rather wait until you have time to naturally air dry your hair.

4. Combing and Brushing

Using the right brush to brush your hair is key. Brushing your virgin human hair weave with the wrong brush or comb can cause split ends. For most virgin hair styles and textures a paddle brush is best, safe and can be used as an everyday hair brush (for more info on brush, read click here). For the BlowOutKink, Mongolian Bounce, Malaysian BeacbBomb and the Cambodian Curl hair stick to a wide tooth comb. A wide tooth comb is the best way to get rid of tangles and knots because the spacing between the teeth allows the hair to pass freely while brushing. Always remember to comb from the tips of the hair, working your way up to the roots or the track.

TIP: combing from the roots increases the risks of tangling which generally lead to hair breakage.

5. Less Heat

Heat is one of the major causes of split ends, especially on virgin hair. Too much heat can cause hair trauma, leaving it dry and feeling rough. Another thing about heat damaged hair is that reversing the damage is extremely difficult. If heat can not be avoided, then always use a product like the Hair by Sisi Heat Protectant that will proctect your hair applying any heat to your weave.
Additional Tips:
Avoid rinsing your hair in hot water while showering, as hot water, dries hair and washed away your protective oils.
Always use natural oils like olive oil and coconut oil to protect your hair before swimming even if you’ll wear a swimming cap.


Happy Weaving

  • Rihanna Hair(volution)

Weave Crush Wednesday

Hair is one of the best ways to express yourself, show off you individuality and flaunt your style. But no matter how cool your locks look, you’re still going to look at celebrity hair crushes for some sort of inspiration.  We have decided to add a new segment to our blogs, called Weave Crush Wednesday which will document the hairvolution of various celebrity hair crushes around the world. To kick it off or first WCW, is the baddest girl on the planet, Bad Girl RiRi.


When it comes to style, RiRi can do no wrong. Not only does she set trends around the world, but she rocks the coolest hair dos time and time again. She is literally a daredevil when it comes to changing her hairstyle. One moment she has her hair is ruby red, the next it’s short, edged and bleach blonde. No matter what she does to her hair, one thing we can all agree on is that it always amazing. Let’s take a trip back in time and see how Rihanna’s hair has evolved over time. Look out for your favourite Riri hairdo, who knows, maybe you will be hairspired to try something different this summer.

Rihanna’s ever changing hairstyles

rihanna-short-brown-hair rihanna-straight-long-brown-hair 9-rihanna-hair 53d29570a7e25_-_rihanna-haphazard-hair-19111-large 53d29570d4d25_-_rihanna-bowl-cut-19111-large 53d295707a2fc_-_rihanna-couture-crop-19111-large  53d29570500c3_-_rihanna-colour-chameleon-19111-large 53d295706690c_-_rihanna-diva-fever-19111-large 53d2957019710_-_rihanna-purple-reign-19111-large 53d2957151094_-_rihanna-big-and-beautiful-19111-large 2010-gettyimages-103032007 2010-gettyimages-106654586 53d2957166a7b_-_rihanna-stage-style-hair-19111-large 2011-gettyimages-1135057522011-gettyimages-114990755 2015-gettyimages-472216186 rihanna-curly-hair-red-color rihanna-curly-red-hairstyle  2012-gettyimages-136606085 2012-gettyimages-137831687 2015-gettyimages-486111098 2015-gettyimages-490984028 2015-gettyimages-491174734 2013-gettyimages-163100077 2013-gettyimages-168073295 rihanna-long-wavy-brown-hairstyle 2016-spl1322551_004 2012-gettyimages-138769764 2012-gettyimages-139492995 2012-gettyimages-142002244  2010-gettyimages-96151381  2010-gettyimages-97438469 rihanna-hair-up  0c8f8919d0d18ef2233f42b6dd3100d2 2012-gettyimages-152870846 2012-gettyimages-155922004 2012-gettyimages-144006278 2013-gettyimages-180242331 53d2956fddb12_-_rihanna-award-winning-hair-19111-large 2014-gettyimages-457858570 2014-gettyimages-461769233   2014-gettyimages-476161737 2014-gettyimages-475327735 2014-gettyimages-475570979  2014-gettyimages-484730957 2014-gettyimages-488398409 2014-gettyimages-488685851 2015-gettyimages-468163992 2014-gettyimages-459214958 2015-gettyimages-468188244  2014-gettyimages-465110245 2014-gettyimages-495364947  2016-gettyimages-518751674 2016-gettyimages-510129944 2016-gettyimages-533586838 2014-gettyimages-487686855

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Taking care of your Kinky Curly Weave

How to maintain your kinky curly weave

They say, “girls with curls have more fun,” which is true to a certain extent.  But what they don’t tell you is that your kinky curly weave can be laborious to maintain, and although they are forgiving they will turn against you especially when you have the faintest idea where to start. And trust me, there is nothing fun about tangles, knots, matting or headaches.

Here are a few tips that will have your (BlowOutKink) kinky curls looking tight and right!


Hair Extensions Shampoo and Conditioner
I cannot stress the importance of co-washing BlowOutKink hair. It is important that you use a moisturising conditioner to co-wash you kinky curly weave.
Start by spreading the moisturising conditioner through the hair from root to tip, use your fingers. Once all the moisturising conditioner is in your hair, let it sit for about 10 minutes. Then rinse in the shower, letting the water run down your hair while using your fingers to detangle any knots and remove the conditioner. If there are any stubborn tangles,  add conditioner and repeat this process. Make sure you concentrate on the affected area.

To avoid getting the tangles, make sure you deep condition your weave once or twice a week. Use a wide tooth comb to help remove tangles. It is very important that you only use a wide tooth comb with BlowOutKink hair because other kinds of brushes will damage the hair.

Tip: Never attempt to detangle your BlowOutKink weave when it’s dry.


Kinky Curly Weave | Hair by Sisi, Johannesburg

The best way to dry your curls is naturally, just sit outside and let mother nature do her thing. You can wrap your damp hair in a cotton towel for about an hour, while your hair dries.   If you are short on time the next best thing would be to use a dryer, BUT make sure that the temperature is set the lowest heat because excessive heat can dry out your hair. If you are drying a wig, place it on a mannequin head to dry fully.

Tip: Don’t rub hair together while drying it, this will cause unwanted tangles, which are difficult to get out.

Styling & Moisturising

Kinky Curly Weave | Hair by Sisi, Johannesburg

Use Hair by Sisi Argan Oil Treatment to beat the frizz caused by bad weather.
Spray daily with a combination of water, conditioner, and argan or almond oil. Use this sparingly and avoid alcohol-based products, as they will dry it out the hair. Although natural oils are a great source of hydration, keep in mind that less is more.

Tip: Moisturise your weave more if you have dyed or highlighted the hair.

Defining  your Curls

Kim Kimble styling Kinky curly hair

Use a curl defining lotion or curl activation creme and run your fingers through your weave to evenly spread out the product. If you want bigger curls, scrunch the hair together while your hair is damp.

Tip: Don’t touch your curls once you have scrunched or applied your curling product.

Useful Tips

  • The best time to detangle your hair is when its wet
  • Remember to use warm water after conditioning.
  • Always wear a silk head wrap before you go to bed .
  • Too much heat will cause irreversible damage to your hair’s curl pattern.
  • Always do research or get professional help before dying your weave.
  • Invest in a good anti-fizz product, it’s a life-saver.

Happy Weaving

The Kinky Straight Weave

How to take care of your Kinky straight weave

The Kinky straight weave or BlowOut straight weave is currently one of the most popular texture in the hair world. This is mainly due to the fact that it resembles African textures, so it look very natural and extremely realistic. Although it looks amazing, it can cause a kink in your confidence if you don’t know how to maintain it.  So for all those first-timers, here are a few tips on how to take care of your Kinky straight weave.

Kinky Straight Weave  Kinky Straight Weave Kinky Straight Weave

Washing And Conditioning 

Wash and Conditioning your hair at least twice a week. Simply washing with shampoo will dehydrate your weave so it is highly recommended that you use a conditioner after you shampoo, or forget the shampoo altogether and just co-wash. If you decide to co-wash, remember to use a clarifying shampoo every other week. Clarifying shampoo will remove product build up.

With conditioner in your hair, use a wide tooth comb to detangle and distribute the conditioner throughout the hair. Make sure the hair is fully coated with conditioner while combing. Once you have combed through the hair, rinse thoroughly with cold water. Remember to use a cotton towel to pat dry your hair,  do not rub or scrunch the hair together, rubbing will cause tangles. Then let your hair air dry.

The nice thing about this type of texture is that it doesn’t need too much hair products.  However, when it is dirty, it is more likely to tangle . Removing tangles isn’t as hard, simply run your fingers through your hair and use a paddle brush to smooth it out. Don’t brush from root to ends, because it will cause shedding. Rather work your way up from the tip to the roots.

Moisturising and Styling 

Natural textures are just like our natural hair, the only difference is that our natural hair receives natural oils form your scalp and your weave will not, so it won’t get the nourishment that it needs. Using argan oil and conditioner on damp hair will give your weave great shine and will keep it well moisturised, but always remember that less is more when it comes to kinky weaves. It can be curled, which is amazing if you want to switch things up, but minimize the use of heat, rather use a non-heat method to curl. In fact heat should be the least of your worries as it is to be worn as natural as it is.

Hair by Sisi BlowOut Straight/Kinky Straight braid out

Daily Tips

•Don’t wash daily.
•Limit the use of hair spray and alcohol based hair products.
•Water keeps it in its natural state so don’t be afraid of walking in the rain.
•Too much heat can cause permanent damage.
•Use a silk head wrap or pillow case to protect your hair over night.

Happy Weaving

Blonde Hair to Dye For

How to dye your human hair weave blonde

Blonde weaves have always been a hit and now that winter is finally a thing of the past, what better way to say ‘heya summer’ than with a new colour. The below steps will help you achieve the best shade of blonde, without damaging your weave. Follow the steps carefully and you will be looking like a blonde bombshell this summer.
Tip: Before you start you should always remember to work with clean, dry bundles or hair.

You will need

  • 2x 50g Bleach powder – Try Nu Lite from Dischem
  • 2x 100ml Creme Peroxide (developer) – Try Nu Lite one, also from Dischem
  • Human Hair Weave – Try using virgin hair, because the hair has not been perviously coloured, so you don’t run the risk of doing further damage. You can use any texture, but we recommend the Hair by Sisi Peruvian Slick Hair because it looks good on everyone.
  • Foil 
  • Application Brush/tinting comb
  • Mixing Bowl
  • Clock (to keep time)
  • Rubber/plastic disposable gloves


Step 1

Always put on your rubber gloves before you start this process. Most hair dye packs will come with mixing tools like a plastic bowl, gloves and a tinting comb, however, if you don’t buy the pack, then make sure you get gloves. Once your gloves are on, place the hair that you wish to colour onto a plastic sheet (I use black plastic bags), this helps make the bleach application process easier.  Unravel the new bundles, so that the hair is like a curtain. Doing this will give you, even more, control over the process.

Step 2

Mix bleach powered and creme peroxide in the bowl. Make sure the mixture is smooth and does not have any bumpy grains in it. Also, make sure that the consistency is right, you want something that is close to conditioner thick, and not anything else.
Using the application brush/tinting comb apply the mixture onto your human hair weave. If you want all the hair to be coloured blonde then apply the mixture starting at the roots (the part which gets sewn to your cornrows) to the tips of the hair. Apply your bleach mixture to one side of the hair, then turn the hair over and do the same thing to the other side. Make sure you thoroughly coat the hair with the mixture.

Tips: The roots take longer to change colour, so make sure you start with them. If you want an ombre look then apply the mixture about 5 – 10 centimetres from the roots.

Step 3

Once each bundle or section of hair is covered, fold your weave onto the sheets of foil. Make sure that the hair is entirely encased in an envelope of foil.

Leave the bleach mixture on the hair for between 20 – 30 minutes, instructions often say maximum is 30 minutes, but you can add a few minutes if you feel the colour hasn’t set— don’t exceed over 45 minutes.
Remember like your natural hair, human hair weaves can experience the same damage so handle them with care.

Tip: for extra long hair, you can use two separate pieces of foil sandwiched together.

Step 4

Rinse your weave thoroughly with lukewarm water then wash with a conditioner to neutralise the chemicals. Remember to let your weave dry naturally, so try to stay away from the blow-dryer or other electronic tools.

Step 5

Your hair will now be a brassy/copper colour.  If you like that colour, then your steps are complete, if not, you will have to do the same process again. Light blonde hair cannot be achieved in one process, you will have to bleach the hair at least twice to get the shade you want.

Tip: Try using a low volume developer, although the process will take longer, you are less likely to damage your hair the second time around.

Happy weaving and enjoy your blonder days.



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